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Paul O’Grady Biography,Net worth, Wife, Career, Kids and next of kin


Paul O’Grady Biography,Net worth, Wife, Career, Kids and next of kin?

Paul O’Grady was a drag queen, actor, comedian, broadcaster, writer, and writer from England. He was the youngest of seven children and was raised in a Roman Catholic household.Through his drag queen persona, Lily Savage, he became well-known in the London gay scene in the 1980s and continued to gain popularity in the 1990s.


Paul James O’Grady was Paul O’Grady’s birth name. on June 14, 1955, in Birkenhead, England, which is in Merseyside. He was raised in a Roman Catholic household and was the youngest of seven children.


Career O’Grady began his career as a drag queen in the late 1970s, going by the stage name Lily Savage. He quickly established a following and became a frequent performer in UK venues. He got his start in television by winning the prestigious Perrier Comedy Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 1989.


In the early 1990s, O’Grady had a major television role as a presenter on the daytime show “The Big Breakfast.” He quickly became one of the most popular presenters on British television thanks to his outrageous sense of humor and big personality.

“The Paul O’Grady Show,” O’Grady’s own talk show, debuted on ITV in 2004.


Who is Paul O’Grady’s Wife?

Paul O’Grady was married twice. Teresa Fernandes, a Portuguese model he met at a gay bar, was his first wife. The happy couple tied the knot in 1977 and divorced in 2005 after 28 years of marriage.





Paul O’Grady was gay, but Teresa Fernandes was a lesbian, so they decided to get married to keep her from being deported. Numerous individuals have characterized their union as one of convenience.


He married Andre Portasio in 2007 after Paul and Teressa split up. Andre is a former member of the English National Ballet and a professional ballet dancer.



In 2017, Paul and Andre tied the knot in a low-key ceremony. Prior to that, they had been together for 11 years. Before getting married in the summer of 2017, the couple had been together since 2006.


Paul O’Grady Passing:

O’Grady’s unexpected passing was reported in an explanation short-term from his accomplice Andre Portasio.


Mr. Portasio remarked, It is with extraordinary trouble that I illuminate you that Paul has died startlingly yet calmly the previous night.’


“At this difficult time, we ask that you respect our privacy while you celebrate his life as we come to terms with this loss.”


‘He will be incredibly missed by his friends and family, companions, family, creatures and every one of the individuals who partook in his humor, mind and empathy.


“I am aware that he would want me to express my gratitude to you for all the love you have shown him over the years.”


What causes Paul O’Grady’s Death?

How did Paul O’Grady pass away?

O’Grady’s accomplice honors his ‘humor, mind and sympathy’


‘We ask, at this troublesome time, that while you commend his life you additionally regard our security as we find some peace with this misfortune,’ Mr Portasio said.

What is Paul O’Grady’s age?

Paul was brought into the world on June 14, 1955, in Birkenhead, Joined Realm.

Paul O’Grady’s parents Mary Savage and Patrick Grady gave birth to Paul O’Grady.


Paul O’Grady Kin

Paul grew up with two kin. Sheila O’Grady and Brendan O’Grady are his siblings.

O’Grady’s Wife Paul O’Grady was married twice throughout his life. From 1977 to 2005, he was married to Teresa Fernandes. He married Andre Portasio in 2017 after Teresa and remained with him until his death.


Paul O’Grady’s Kids:

Sharon O’Grady is the name of the daughter of O’Grady. Sharon Jansen was born to Paul and Diane Jansen on May 16, 1974. Philip Moseley, Sharon’s husband, has been her husband since 2005. She has a child of her own. Abel Moseley is the name of her child.

Paul O’Grady was an English comedian, broadcaster, actor, writer and drag queen. He achieved notability in the London gay scene during the 1980s with his drag queen persona Lily Savage, through which he gained broader popularity in the 1990s.


Paul O’Grady’s Net Worth:

Before Paul O’Grady passed on, he had an expected total assets of about $8.2 million. He had made a lot of money as a comedian, actor, writer, broadcaster, and performer.


  1. A Wonderful person who did so much for people and animals alike. He will be so sadly missed and never forgotten.when ever he.s on TV I watch it I have most of his books.and the tears well up whenever he.s mentioned.RIP Paul.


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