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Ryker Webb
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Ryker Webb Now: Before And After of Ryker Webb


Discover the remarkable tale of Ryker Webb, a brave 3-year-old boy from Montana, who went missing in the wilderness but was miraculously found alive after spending two days on his own. Read on to learn about the gripping rescue and the heartwarming reunion with his family.

Section 1: The Disappearance

Ryker Webb, a 3-year-old boy from Montana, was last seen playing with his family dog outside his home. On Friday afternoon, he suddenly vanished, leaving his loved ones distraught and triggering an extensive search effort in the Bull Lake area south of Troy. Searchers utilized various methods, including ATVs, drones, dog teams, and boats, to scour the remote Montana landscape in hopes of finding Ryker Webb.

Section 2: The Miraculous Discovery

After two suspenseful days, Ryker Webb was located in a shed behind an old, unoccupied cabin, situated over two miles away from his home. Despite being “hungry and thirsty,” he was safe and unharmed, having survived the wilderness alone. The discovery brought immense relief to the community and sparked a renewed sense of hope.

Section 3: Reunion and Recovery
Following his rescue, Ryker Webb was joyfully reunited with his parents and family. He underwent a thorough medical evaluation to ensure his well-being. Fortunately, he was found to be healthy and strong, allowing him to continue living a normal childhood alongside his loving parents.


Who is Ryker Webb?

Ryker Webb is a brave 3-year-old boy from Montana who went missing in the wilderness but was found alive after spending two days on his own. He was discovered in a shed behind an old cabin, located over two miles away from his home, safe and “hungry and thirsty” but otherwise unharmed.

What happened to Ryker Webb?

Ryker Webb disappeared while playing outside his home and spent two days alone in the wilderness. He was eventually found in a shed behind an old, unoccupied cabin, where he sought refuge. Despite his ordeal, he was found safe and in good health.

How old is Ryker Webb?

Ryker Webb was 3 years old when he went missing in June 2022. As of 2023, he is now 4 years old.

Where was Ryker Webb found?

Ryker Webb was discovered on Pine Ridge Road and South Fork Bull River Road in Saunders County, approximately 3.9 miles from where he initially went missing. He had taken shelter in a shed behind an old log cabin, using a lawn mower’s grass catcher to keep warm.

Where is Ryker Webb’s home located?

Ryker Webb’s home is situated in the City of Troy, Montana, a picturesque community in Northwest Montana known as the Gateway to Montana and renowned for its low elevation.

When was Ryker Webb found?

After two days of intense search efforts, Ryker Webb was found on June 5, several miles from where he had disappeared. He was discovered in a shed behind an old log cabin by the owners of the property, who heard noises coming from the shed while checking their generator.

Section 4: The Search Efforts

The search for Ryker Webb mobilized numerous resources and involved dedicated individuals and organizations. In addition to local authorities, the Montana Air National Guard helicopters joined the operation, providing aerial support. The combined efforts of Flathead County and Spokane Police drones, as well as additional dog teams and ground and ATV searches, were instrumental in narrowing down the search area. Despite the challenges posed by a thunderstorm and worsening weather conditions, the search persisted.

Section 5: The Survival Story

Unveiled Ryker Webb’s survival story captivated the nation as details of his experience emerged. Alone in the remote Montana wilderness, the resourceful young boy managed to find refuge in a shed behind an old log cabin. Sleeping in a lawn mower’s grass catcher to keep warm, he exhibited remarkable resilience in the face of adversity. It was the husband and wife who owned the cabin and the surrounding land that ultimately discovered him, alerted by the faint chirping sounds emanating from the shed while checking on their generator.


A Tale of Courage and Reunion The story of Ryker Webb’s disappearance and subsequent rescue serves as a testament to the strength of the human spirit. This brave young boy’s survival instincts and the tireless efforts of the search teams and community highlight the power of unity and determination. Ryker Webb’s safe return to his family not only brought relief but also renewed appreciation for the preciousness of life. His story will continue to inspire and remind us of the extraordinary resilience that can emerge even in the most challenging circumstances.


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